Bios of all the people of Oh Snap!isepic

Mariah Krazino

Loves Kit-Kats. Loves acting out different parts at recess.

Will do anything to eat only McDonalds for the rest of her life. Loves Spongebob!

Shout outs: She is funny. (Gabbie Brooks)

Gabbie Brooks

Loves Twix. Loves to do acting at Kidz Kabaret.

Will do anything for a trip to Cali. Loves The Simpsons!

Shout outs:

Beatriz Williams

Loves food. Loves to scare Jeallan.

Will do anything for money. Loves Selena Gomez!

Shout outs: Dude, you draw the pencil, ya get the money. (Gabbie Brooks)

Tori Krazino

Loves Kit-Kats. Loves bullying Mariah.

Will do anything to have the last laugh. Loves Demi Lovato!

Shout Outs: I barely know you but I hear your evil (Gabbie Brooks)

Maddie Smith Loves Twizzlers. Loves rollerskating.

Will do anything to meet Scotty McCreery. Loves Demi Lovato!

Shout Outs:

Uriel Perry

Loves starburst. Loves playing death to the Dylan.

Will do anything to meet Percy Jackson. Loves LMFAO!

Shout Outs: Ketchup and mustard don't mix. (Gabbie Brooks)

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