OH SNAP! It's all about the STARZ!

Name: Age: Ethnicy:

Gabriella Charlotte Brooks 11 caucasin

Mariah Isabelle Krazino 11 caucasin

Uriel Smith 11 mexican

Tori Hope Krazino 8 caucasin


Brittany Cecile Brooks 8 caucasin

Jessica Michelle Traughven 11 caucasin

Emily Jones 8 caucasin

Maddy Jones 13 caucasin


Mariah Isabelle Krazino, for the technology

Gabriella Charlotte Brooks, for the script

Mrs. Brooks and Mrs. Krazino, for the studios

Tori Hope Krazino, for putting up with us for making her wear a fatsuit

Uriel Smith, for being open to parts such as "girl"

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