Oh snap!

Oh Snap!

In season one, we have selected a couple of skits that we know you will love. Here are some of them:

One Day Mankind- Deevo is so scared that one day all of mankind will turn into woman, but he just can't get his story straight.

Oh Snap News!- Gabbie and Mariah have the fattest second grader in the world as a guest star. But when she goes for Gabbie's sandwich, things aren't going to be pretty.

So you think you can teach?- Gabbie has some teachers come in to show of their abilities, but can some contestants be a little bit to smart?

Scream n' Sketch- Mariah Krazino, the host of Scream n' Sketch, welcomes 3 new guests to the stage; Billy, Louise, and Leonard. Billy's a hobo, Louise is a mega fan, and Leonard's just a nerd. Will one of the contestants make the cut, or will things get a little too loud?

Stay tuned! New episodes every Sunday.

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